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Calalang General Hospital started its health and medical services in the mid 1960�s serving the community of Marulas, Valenzuela as Calalang Maternity and Children�s Clinic. It was founded by spouses Fidel R. Calalang, MD and Mary Gener Calalang, MD who teamed up to render one of the first health services in that town. Marulas, Valenzuela, during that time, had a very small residential population and scarcely had any industrial or commercial establishments. Calalang Maternity and Children�s Clinic operated as a lying-in clinic, housing a few beds and laboratory facilities.

After several years have passed, the volume of patients coming in to the clinic has been growing consistently. Patronage of Calalang Maternity has increased considerably. Coupled with the growing resident population and the industrialization of the town, the increasing demand for medical and health care has prodded the owners to respond by upgrading the maternity clinic to a secondary general hospital. Thus, in 1974, Calalang Maternity and Children�s Clinic evolved into Calalang General Hospital, housing a 35-bed capacity, complete X-ray and Laboratory facilities in a new building.

In the entry of the 1990�s, Valenzuela has grown into a highly industrialized and densely populated town. By this time, the Municipality is considering itself to be recognized as a city, since it has grown in measures worthy to be one. Thus, growth has again been the issue to be addressed in the 90�s. In 1994, Calalang General Hospital has been incorporated. And in 1997, with Ferdinand G. Calalang, MD, MHA as the Hospital Administrator, the old building was replaced by a newly constructed 4 storey building, housing a bed capacity of 50 and new hospital facilities. The building had also been designed to evoke a homey atmosphere for the patients. Now the hospital has been consistently operating at 76% average occupancy. Supported by affiliate visiting consultants, medical services have broadened to address the different areas of specialties, which serve a wider patient base with varied illnesses.

Since its incorporation, the hospital has been engaging in regular community outreach programs like free immunization, free pre-natal check-ups, mother�s class, breastfeeding program, hormonal replacement therapy, preventive medicine lectures, free diabetes clinic and the year-end free medical clinic. And because of its cost efficient yet high quality medical services, it has gained the patronage of the residents of its community and even those of the neighboring towns.


Since the start, Calalang General Hospital has been regarded as a health care provider that approaches patient-care with family-like treatment and warmth, thus a confident and comfortable atmosphere for the patients. And as it maintains a lean organization, patients and families continue to enjoy the highly personal service which ensures quick responses to their needs. Medical services exude the acumen and professional adroit to which the hospital has been reputed and at the same time, sensitive to the cost tolerance of the clientele. Thus, they have been pragmatic and efficient but most importantly, effective in their treatments. All these� for the patients� wellbeing.


Calalang General Hospital will be the first option for both sick and well-patients when it comes to hospital care, thus becoming the most preferred hospital in its community.


Calalang General Hospital will remain to be among the most respected and recognized medical institutions that will provide the finest medical service that is affordable, effective and accessible to the community.
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